Always safe and easy in any condition

Volumes, spaces, ergonomic, practical life on board are well conceived by an architect who is at the same time an expert sailor with a wide experience of seamanship. Seaworthiness is guaranteed by a naval architect with the widest experience in any kind of hull.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is helping the naval engineers to optimise the specific hull design of each model, in term of weight balance and volumes, in order to obtain always the best performance.

The quality of the Bluegame hull design inherits its characteristics from the typical cold moulded Carolina style Lou Codega design fisherman, allows Bluegame boats to face the most severe sea conditions with maximum comfort and in total safety. The sturdy construction, the well balanced centre of gravity thanks to the light construction of the superstructure made in carbon fibre, the well protected steering position, make the Bluegame all-round boats.

The effective fast planning hull design with variable deadrise, powered with Volvo Penta IPS power train allows Bluegame boats to easily cruise over 30 knots and provide extremely easy maneuverability. Bluegame boats have a continuous perimeter fender in internal foam elastomer that allows to approach without fear and without damage to pontoons, piers, or other boats, even more facilitated by the very easy to manoeuvre IPS system joystick that allows to move the boat in any direction.

Bluegame boats have large and well protected sidewalks and a high enough bulwark to let children and guests run around in complete safety.

Hi-tech solutions and detailed artisan care


The Bluegame boats are built according to the latest and advanced building techniques in composite materials. Models and moulds are machined and worked with CNC machineries to assure the maximal accuracy of the measures.

The hull stratification is made mostly with the infusion method that guarantees the perfect thickness in all the part of the hull, and partly with the vacuum bag system. The resins used for moulding are all vinylester. All the superstructures are realized in carbon fibre to make them lighter and to lower the centre of gravity of the boat for a better performance at sea and a quieter stability at anchor.

The choice of the Volvo Penta Ips power train and transmission offer the double advantage of more space inside and the highest grade of manoeuvrability at the time, allowing to move the boat also on the side, and with the Dynamic Positioning System (DPS) mantaining the position and a heading of the boat working as in the “zero speed” function.

The interiors are crafted by the expert craftsmen of the Iseo Lake and Viareggio aeras, where the tradition of high quality boat building was settled long time ago. Thanks to this craftsmanship the Bluegame yachts can be customized according to the personal taste of the owner, in respect of the general layouts proposed by the yard. On board of a Bluegame boat, owner and guests can find many of the latest innovations in terms of house automation, for better liveability on board.