Innovazione nello spazio: BG54 on “Vela e Motore”

Innovazione nello spazio: BG54 on “Vela e Motore” “It’s a beautiful feeling: wherever you are, you feel you are part of a big space.” This is how Luca Santella describes BG54, the newest Bluegame yacht. Read the full article and discover more about this amazing boat. READ ALL

BG54 on “Yacht Style”

BG54 on “Yacht Style” Upping its game. Launched earlier this year and among Bluegame’s line-up at Cannes Yachting Festival, the BG54 is an evolution in the Italian builder’s walkaround series, providing a convivial atmosphere and enticing social areas bu the water. READ ALL

BG54 on “Nautica”

BG54 on “Nautica”  Il nuovo modello si inserisce nella gamma Bluegame compiendo ulteriori passi avanti nella definizione di spazi funzionali, praticità d’uso e volumi insospettabili. Luca Santella, padre e sviluppatore della gamma riversa anche nel nuovo “baby” tutta la sua esperienza di marinaio appassionato.  READ ALL

BG54 on “Barche” magazine

There is plenty of open-air space, a hull that is designed to be used and a deck set-up and interiors that are as innovative as ever. Bluegame’s 2.0 season starts with the BG54. READ ALL

BG54 on “Motorboat & Yachting”

Functional, well equipped and sizzling with Italian style: this is how Motor Boat & Yachting described Bluegame’s BG54 in their latest article. BG54 has the sprawling and totally flat beach club area that extends the living space right to the water’s edge like her sister BG72. A brilliant versatile space served by an almost full […]


“Bluegame BG72. Vivre la mer différemment” by Dominique Gabirault The BG72, the missing link between a flybridge and an open yacht, combines the advantages of these two different categories. The innovative design gives the BG72 an undeniable uniqueness. It doesn’t meet the traditional standards because Bluegame wants to differentiate itself from its competitors, open or […]

BG72 cover yacht on “SKIPPER ONDECK”

“Bluegame BG72, cross-over soul” by Alex Galanakis The world premiere of the new 72 foot yacht – the evolution of the iconic BG range that encompasses all the excellence offered by Bluegame – took place at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2021.The new Bluegame BG72 is the perfect expression of her cross-over soul, which escapes the […]


“Cross-over soul” by Olimpia Decasa The BG72, which inherits the ease of use, manoeuvring agility and safe, comfortable sailing from the BG range, offers for the first time on an open yacht a helm cabin with all-round visibility and a reverse windscreen. The project’s main objective was to make the best possible use of the […]

BG72 on “BARCHE” magazine

“For advanced owners” by Luca Sordeli Forget all of the old distinctions: this 22-metre by Bluegame redefines the way we will see traditional large open Mediterranean yachts. Bluegamer owners are experts who like to steer the boat themselves.A consequence of that is the fact that the helm area has been especially carefully done. Steering the […]