Discover the new BG54

A boat for open-minded and adventurous owners. With the latest BG54, once again, Bluegame went outside the box to redefine the concept of space for a 54 feet. Maintaining all the founding values of each Bluegame project, the BG54 has challenged the dimensional limits proving that size doesn’t matter, space matters: both inside and outside […]

BG72 cover yacht on “SKIPPER ONDECK”

“Bluegame BG72, cross-over soul” by Alex Galanakis The world premiere of the new 72 foot yacht – the evolution of the iconic BG range that encompasses all the excellence offered by Bluegame – took place at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2021.The new Bluegame BG72 is the perfect expression of her cross-over soul, which escapes the […]

Discover the brand new BG54

Open, refined, preview the latest addiction to BG range. Redesigned in line with the up-to-date technical evolution, the BG54 offers a comfortable standard of living – especially when compared with boats of the same dimension. The design is sophisticated, while keeping faith with Bluegame’s stylistic tradition of closeness to the sea and safe navigation in […]

Bluegame debuts in Southeast Asia

“The first Bluegame motor yacht in Southeast Asia has made an instant impact in Singapore even without a public launch event: since its arrival, the new BGX70 has led to round-the-clock enquiries from existing clients and even passers-by strolling along the boardwalk.Bluegame launched the BGX70 in 2019, with the model effectively continuing the design concept […]

22.02.2022 marks an unforgettable moment

“To the sea, to the sailors before us, to all our 100 Bluegame yachts”22.02.2022 marks an unforgettable moment: our 100th yacht is ready for water. In 2004 Bluegame – a brand that stands out for its courageous and independent spirit – was born with the ambition to create an unparalleled range of boats and dared […]

BG72 Winner of the 2022 Motor Boat Awards

Being different doesn’t always equate to being better but in the case of the Bluegame BG72 it really does bring significant advantages. Putting the IPS engines in a separate compartment under the deck of a vast stern platform not only leaves the rest of the hull free for a wide variety of accommodation layouts but […]


“Cross-over soul” by Olimpia Decasa The BG72, which inherits the ease of use, manoeuvring agility and safe, comfortable sailing from the BG range, offers for the first time on an open yacht a helm cabin with all-round visibility and a reverse windscreen. The project’s main objective was to make the best possible use of the […]

BG72 on “BARCHE” magazine

“For advanced owners” by Luca Sordeli Forget all of the old distinctions: this 22-metre by Bluegame redefines the way we will see traditional large open Mediterranean yachts. Bluegamer owners are experts who like to steer the boat themselves.A consequence of that is the fact that the helm area has been especially carefully done. Steering the […]


The two existing ranges, BG and BGX will soon welcome the new BGM range: currently in progress, this unique yacht is going to hit the market thanks to her specific features that belong to different segments but share the founding values that are the basis of the uniqueness of the DNA to which the brand […]


A sneak peek of the new BG54, the first boat of the 2.0 generation. A boat suitable for open-minded owners, ready for immersive and extraordinary adventures. read all