The two existing ranges, BG and BGX will soon welcome the new BGM range: currently in progress, this unique yacht is going to hit the market thanks to her specific features that belong to different segments but share the founding values that are the basis of the uniqueness of the DNA to which the brand […]


A sneak peek of the new BG54, the first boat of the 2.0 generation. A boat suitable for open-minded owners, ready for immersive and extraordinary adventures. read all


“Both worlds” written by Alan Harper  Alan Harper meets Bluegame’s biggest yacht: a dashing double-decker with a split personality.  The BGX70 has proved herself a well-mannered, quick and capable seagoing yacht, whose smooth throttle response and nicely-weighted helm only add to the driving experience. Big smiles from the shipyard’s engineers, and from Bluegame’s founder, Luca […]

Monaco Yacht Show

The brand, new flagship BG72 evolves the BG Range encompassing all the excellence offered by Bluegame. Visit us at Monaco Yacht Show from 22 to 25 September and step on board!

Newport International Boat Show

BG42, the all-in-one yacht of the BG Range, beyond any categorization, on display at Newport International Boat Show, 16-19 September 2021.

Genoa Boat Show

Visit us at the Genoa Boat show from 16 to 21 September and come aboard the new flagship BG72, BG42 and the unexpected at sea BGX70 and BGX60.

Cannes Yachting Festival

BGX70, BGX60, BG42 and the première of the new flagship BG72 on display at Cannes Yachting Festival, from 7 to 12 September 2021. 

Bluegame presents the season’s première BG72

“They show me as a flagship, but I don’t care about labels. I’m the ultimate synthesis of the design vision and the authenticity of living the sea”. BG72 is the perfect match between an open and a flybridge, designed to meet the needs of an experienced and passionate owner, driven by the desire to immerse […]