for true sea lovers

The commitment to design and build every boat fulfilling
the owner's requirements and according to the highest quality
standards, is the mission of Bluegame.


Discover the BG42 experience

It is the entry gate to the Bluegame range of Sport Utility Yachts. Despite her size, in only 12.98 meters (42’5”) Bluegame 42 is able to concentrate all the features of the range. The central part of the… learn moreWATCH THE NEW VIDEO


A boat, an adventure, a home

The larger of the Bluegame Sport Utility range enriches in many different areas the smaller model features. With a 18.80 m (61'6'') LOA and 5,38 m (17'6'') BEAM Bluegame 62 was conceived from the desire to… learn moreWATCH THE NEW VIDEO


A groundbreaking concept of open yacht

The new BG72 is the first open powerboat available on the market that definitely rivals flybridge yachts, having interior areas equally comfortable. Enclosed livable areas let the outside environment… learn moreWATCH THE NEW VIDEO

BGX 60

BGX60. Designed for bold sea lovers

The innovative BGX60 exceeds all expectations and offers the deepest connection with the elements. Conceived for those who pursue a profound closeness with the sea, this surprising power boat will… learn moreWATCH THE NEW VIDEO

BGX 70

“UNEXPECTED“ BGX70, a revolutionary concept of yacht

This brilliant power boat represents a totally new concept of yacht: with a revolutionary design, the BGX70 features a layout never seen before in a 70-foot yacht, that perfectly… learn moreWATCH THE NEW VIDEO

Discover the BGX Collection

Luca Santella reveals the distinctive features and the philosophy behind the unexpected BGX Collection.
An unconventional concept has led to the innovative layout of this range that boasts a perfect blend of functionality, comfort and seaworthiness. A new style of living the life at sea.



A brand of Sanlorenzo

"I loved the Bluegame boats right from the first moment.
They perfectly express the sophisticated understandment of Sanlorenzo yachts
in a smaller dimension and share the same values.
Deciding on their entry into the group was simply a natural choice."

Massimo Perotti
Executive Chairman